Values Education

Our value for this half term is RESPONSIBILITY


At school and at home:

•Making good decision in our own behaviour •Taking responsibility for our learning •Asking when we need help •Being independent •Ensuring we bring the necessary belongings to school e.g. book bags, reading diaries, homework •Taking care to work hard •Proactive – not stepping over litter, coats, seeing a need – stepping in •Caring for others •Demonstrating altruism •Being involved in School Council- seeing this responsibility as important – willingness to work hard at it •Taking responsibility for our own health – physical, mental and emotional wellbeing •Care for pets / family

In the community:

•Volunteering – in school •Volunteering in community/visiting elderly/caring for war memorial •Being involved in outside clubs – being committed – e.g. cubs/scouts/brownies/guides/sports Proactive – not stepping over litter

At a national/ international level:

•Citizenship •Global responsibility to learn from others •Responsibility for the environment e.g. rainforest, animals, global warming •Responsibility for the poor •To know our rights and responsibilities (human rights, the rights of the child).
Values Education Statement
At St Mark’s R.C. Primary School we give regular thought to how values can be used to support the child as a reflective learner and promote quality teaching and learning.
In our society children are increasingly encouraged through advertising to think of happiness as something which can be found simply in the material world. They are generally encouraged to experience life in a world which is external to their inner selves.
As a school community we believe that the ethos of the school should be built on a foundation of values.
The values we focus on are:
 Respect
 Peace
 Responsibility
 Tolerance
 Love
 Honesty
 Hope
 Unity
 Happiness
 Humility
 Simplicity
 Freedom
These are at times addressed directly through lessons, collective worship and assemblies but also permeate the whole curriculum. Either way, they are the basis for the social, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and moral development of the whole child. We encourage children to consider these values and thereby to develop the knowledge, skills and attitudes that enable them to develop as reflective learners and grow to be stable, educated and civil adults.
The document below outlines how values are taught at St Mark's.