All staff at St Mark's are committed to ensuring that every child experiences the best quality primary school education possible. We encourage children to strive for excellence both socially and academically and to develop into active, independent learners.



Mrs Alison Miller

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Melanie Henderson


Miss Samantha Kerr (Nursery)

Mrs Cathy Smith (Reception & Early Years Leader)

Mr Andrew Potter (Year 1)

Mr Steven Murphy (Year 2)

Mrs Susan Boon & Mrs Lyndsay Gray (Year 3)

Mrs Janet Stephenson (Year 4)

Mr James Forster (Year 5)

Mrs Emma Thompson (Year 6)


Teaching assistants

Mrs Angela Boland (HLTA)

Mrs Maureen Glaister (HLTA)

Mrs Caroline Slack (HLTA)

Mrs Dawn Grey

Mrs Leigh Hardy

Mrs Susan Shaftoe

Mrs Michelle Crawford

Miss Jessica Murphy

Mrs Gosia Kawalska

Mr Alex Spiller

Mrs Amy Horn


St Mark's After School Hub (SMASH)

Mrs Lisa Shepherd

Mrs Lisa Finlayson

Mrs Dawn Grey


Parent Support Advisor / Pupil Counsellor

Mrs Caroline Slack

School Business Manager

Mrs Rose Wilcox

Admin and Finance Officer

Mrs Linda Watson

Mrs Lyndsey Brooks


Midday supervisors

Mrs Barbara Burnett

Mrs Lyndsey Brooks

Mrs Michelle Crawford

Mrs Lillian Quinn

Mrs Teresa Riddle

Mrs Jackie Bruce



Mr Justin Crawford


Mrs Mavis Armstrong

Mrs Michelle Crawford