Active Edge and The Prince William Award

Recently our Year 3 children have begun the Prince William Award Scheme

Through The Prince William Award we help young people build their character, resilience and confidence to empower them to “be their best”.


At the heart of this aspiration are our brilliant instructors, the majority of whom have served their country in the British Armed Forces. These ‘heroes in schools’ embody the Service values and understand the importance of teamwork, resilience and self-discipline. They are the complementary role models that many children need working alongside their teachers.


An instructor will typically go into a school for one session a week for around 36 weeks to offer a structured curriculum featuring facilitated workshops and community projects, with lots of opportunity for reflection. This gives students the chance to embed knowledge and behaviours through experience.


The Award is delivered at three different levels, Pioneer, Explorer and Trailblazer, each appropriate for a broad age range. The levels explore key themes and guiding principles.

" I love our sessions. I enjoyed orienteering." Niccolo
" I like being part of a team and working together." Bernice
" I like Wednesday afternoon's lessons." Sara