We are continuing to keep you updated on the government’s response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Public Health England advises that the risk to individuals in the UK remains low.
We have decided that we will not be opening school before 15th June to any children other than those of key workers, EHCPs and the vulnerable, as we have done for the past 8 weeks.
We thank you for your patience. We have uploaded our letter for all parents and carers and a Survey Monkey for all Key Worker Parents to complete by 12 pm on Wednesday 3rd June https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/VKYFWCT
For children coming in to school as of Monday 23rd March 2020,
Key information
 Uniform to be worn which are fresh on – we recommend putting clothes straight in the washing machine once returning home from school to minimise and control the spread of infection.
 A change of clothes – joggers, trainers etc for outdoor activities.
 FSM pupils and KS1 pupils will be given a packed lunch could all other children be provided with a packed lunch from home.
 Up to date contact details for family members must be available within school and emergency contact details should your child become poorly/exhibit symptoms of contracting coronavirus.
 We must register your child in and out of the premises by somebody who either has parental responsibility or has been nominated by yourselves, as long as you are all fit and well and not showing symptoms of coronavirus.
 If you become unwell with coronavirus symptoms, you must immediately contact school and arrange for collection of your child.
 Social distancing must be enforced whilst your child is not in school if we are to prevent/minimise the spread of infection.
 School must be informed if you no longer fall within the critical worker list or you have been asked to self-isolate.
 Thorough hand washing to take place at home just before leaving the home.
 Children must be dropped off at 9:00 am and picked up at 3:15 pm


The Living Value for this half term is Hope

'Hope is being able to see the light despite all the darkness.'

Desmond Tutu.


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