Two important notices added to main website and our Social media regarding Lateral Flow Testing . LFD tests are not for primary age pupils under any circumstances Please take time to read the information-Thank you
There has been a positive case in my child’s school. Why have only some children been told to stay at home? Shouldn’t everyone in that class / year group / bubble be sent home?
Schools are working hard to ensure they can remain open and safe for pupils as they understand how disruptive it can be for families when children cannot attend.
This is why arrangements are in place to ensure schools are as Covid-secure as possible and avoid the need to send home a whole class or year group in the event of a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus.
The decision over which pupils and staff are advised to self-isolate is taken following very detailed discussions involving the school and the Public Health England health protection team.
They take into account which other people have been in close contact with the person who has symptoms or has tested positive, but this does not automatically include everyone within that bubble, class or year group.
The purpose of having schools split into bubbles is to minimise the extent to which the virus could spread if one person becomes infected.
It is one of a number of measures in place within schools to help reduce the risk of the virus being passed on.
Other steps include:
• regular hand washing
• the use of face coverings in communal areas in schools 
• extra cleaning, with a focus on frequently touched areas such as door handles, and
• additional measures to support good hygiene and social distancing based on the individual circumstances of each school, including the size and layout of the building.
It is not the case everyone within a bubble will be at risk or need to self-isolate if one member of that group has the virus. This would only apply to close contacts and this is determined based on specific public health definitions.
If your child is identified as being a confirmed close contact with a person who has tested positive you will be notified and advised of the correct procedure to follow.
If you have other children, they will not be required to self-isolate unless they have also come into close contact with someone who has symptoms or has tested positive.
Unless you are notified that your child is required to self-isolate they should continue to attend school.
18 September 2020

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